"Operating at your optimal performance comes down to having better life systems not motivation."
"I have designed an operating system for success that will cause an outright revolution of transformation in your life."
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Novak Djokovic Found His One Thing. Have you?

I have noticed a trend. One that is encouraging. Many of us think that there are a myriad of obstacles that is holding us back from achieving the success that we know deep down we are capable of; when in truth it is often only one thing. That’s right, only one! And I don’t mean only holding you back in your career or business. It could be holding you back in all areas of your life.

So all you have to do is go searching for that one thing that’s holding you back. Sometimes the search is within you and sometimes it is external. It could be a food you need to eliminate that unburdens your body and unleashes your energy. Or it could be a fear that’s holding you back from taking action with courage. Or a self-limiting belief like, “I am not smart enough or educated enough or pretty enough” or my personal favourite “I don’t have enough time”.

Here are a few real life examples of that one thing that led to life transformations:

One client changed his exercise routine from weight training to jogging and cycling. It suited his body more. He was more relaxed, more energetic and more confident. It showed in his performance at work. He was more upbeat and enthusiastic. He was focused. At home he was happier. It changed all areas of his life.

Another client merely changed the time of day she worked out. It made all the difference to her energy levels and time management.

Another eliminated coffee and alcohol 6 days per week.

Another started working from home one day a week.

For me personally it was waking up one hour earlier every morning and not eating after the sun goes down.

For Novak Djokovic eliminating gluten was a real game changer. He became world number 1 soon after.

In all these cases the result was transformational. So before you go signing up for expensive gym memberships or reading personal development books or meditating on world peace, go searching for that one thing first. It will achieve an immediate result and break the shackles. Sometimes thats all you need to reach your personal greatness.