Speeches for Schools

Who is our future Prime Minister? Who is the next Steve Jobs? Who is our future influential television executive? Who is the doctor who will be operating on you in 20 years time? That’s right: it’s the child sitting in your classroom.

It’s no secret that if we want a positive future for our world, we need to have a positive influence on our students. And while there is no question that the curriculum needs to be followed, we also have a responsibility to teach our children how to live a well-rounded life. Taking into consideration their unique talents, captivating personalities and varied interests, our students need to be confident that they can live amazing, happy and successful lives. Then they need to be given the tools and resources to make it happen.

Sam’s talks are based on the philosophy and wisdom pioneered in his book, A Higher Branch.

In this hour-long engaging, fun and insightful session, your students will feel empowered and excited about their future. They will leave with a lasting message, which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Why Sam?
There are three distinguishable features about Sam that make him a compelling speaker for your students:

  1. His unique message: Sam provides entertaining examples drawn from his first bookA Higher Branch.He is a storyteller who speaks from real life experience. He will take your students on a magical and captivating journey that will have an immediate impact on their lives. Click here for a synopsis of A Higher Branch .
  2. 2. His compelling life story: As a student, Sam rebelled against the schooling system. Often truanting, Sam had poor results and not a great interest in education. However, in his latter years of High School, he turned this around very quickly and went on to become Vice Captain. He then continued to achieve outstanding test results that gained his admission into Law School. Sam can share his story with your students and the secret to his complete transformation. Sam is a firm believer that it is never too late to change your direction at school and in learning, and is passionate about helping students to do so. Click here to read about Sam’s compelling story.
  3. His engaging speaking style: Whether he is speaking to 10 or 1000 students, Sam will captivate them. His talks are dynamic, fun and entertaining, while remaining challenging and thought provoking.Click here to read what others have said about Sam.

The Details
Sam’s sessions will begin with a private mentoring meeting with a teacher or principal prior to the students’ session, to develop a thorough understanding of your students and the purpose of the talk. As a result, your students’ session will be tailored to what is most appropriate for the size of the group, the age, and what will leave a lasting, positive impression.

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