Corporate Teams

Your Challenge
Have you ever walked out of a business seminar thinking, “That was inspiring!” only to forget the message a week later? Or have you organised a motivational speaker, only to see morale and productivity return to previous levels within a few days? If you are truly committed to delivering tangible and lasting results, please read on.

Sam Makhoul – Your Guide and Speaker

There are three distinguishable features about Sam that make him a compelling speaker:

  1. His unique message: Sam provides entertaining examples and thought-provoking analogies drawn from his first book A Higher Branch. He is a storyteller who speaks from real life experience. He will take your audience on a magical journey that will have them smiling, nodding in agreement and reflecting on their own performance at work and in life.
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  2. His compelling life story: Sam is a successful entrepreneur with business knowledge that spans across a wide breadth of industries. It is this experience that makes him a powerful and effective corporate speaker. He is dedicated to helping organisations nurture talent and build peak performance teams.
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  3. His engaging speaking style: Whether he is speaking to 10 or 1000 people, Sam brings intensity to his message and stirs emotions and passion in his audience. His talks are dynamic, challenging and entertaining.
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The overall experience that Sam provides will leave a lasting impression on your audience as they begin to contemplate their potential. He will empower your audience by leaving them with simple, memorable and powerful tools to initiate positive change in their lives. Change that will take their careers and their lives to new levels. Sam is confident that with this change, your organisation will experience immediate results in the weeks that follow his talk.

Sam also has follow-up coaching and speaking programs designed to keep this peak performance process on track.

Topics of Interest
Sam will meet with you to develop a full understanding of your needs and requirements, and will subsequently prepare a speech that is highly relevant and valuable for your audience. Click here for a list of the many areas Sam speaks about.

All Sam’ s speeches are drawn from the wisdom and philosophy revealed in his first book, A Higher Branch.

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