Is Speed Killing The Mortgage Industry?

We live in a culture that is addicted to speed. We eat fast, talk fast, work fast as we try to cram more and more in the day. And this is having dire consequences on our lives at home and at work.

Why have we in the mortgage industry caught this disease called ‘speed’? Why are we doing everything faster in the name of good customer service? And why have we peddled the idea that speed of service is the performance criteria by which customers judge us. Has anyone stopped to ask, “Do customers really want fast service? Or do they want good, attentive, thorough service?”

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How to Get Out of Your Head

Most of us in the corporate world spend a lot of time in front of a computer or in meetings, sitting, analyzing and strategizing; i.e. living in our head. But the source of creativity, passion and the ability to connect with people by displaying empathy does not come from the head. It comes from the body. Whether you are a mortgage broker, a settlement paralegal or a café barista you must get of your head to make a connection with your customers and IMPORTANTLY with your family. So how do you get out of your head and into your body? Firstly….

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What Are The Best New Years Resolutions to Make

Why Should You Make New Years Resolutions?

Answer: doing what we did last year probably isn’t going to be sufficient in 2018. Whether you are in sales, admin or finance you need to take your performance to the next level, otherwise you will fall behind.

As consumers we expect products to improve every year. Bigger TV screens, faster computers, more comfortable cars, the latest iPhone etc. but have you ever thought of yourself as a beautiful work in progress? You are. The human mind and body is the most sophisticated gadget on the planet. So what upgrades are you going to make in 2018? What enhancements to the software (mind) and hardware (body) are you going to work on? That is, what progress are you going to make?

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