Remarkable Leadership

Your Challenge
As a business leader, there is no question that you know your team better than anyone else. Better than any management consultant or motivational speaker. But perhaps you’re not quite sure of how to connect with your team on a level that sees them inspired, excited and motivated about coming to work.

Sam Makhoul – Your Guide and Coach
Enter Sam Makhoul. Having worked as a business owner, CEO and corporate leader, Sam has built a number of successful businesses by inspiring and mentoring his staff. Sam knows from experience that if you want your staff to turn up and work at their very best, you need to ignite their passion before you spark their thinking.

The Remarkable Leadership program is unique in that Sam will coach and teach you to be the motivator of your own team. Sam believes that staff motivation should not be outsourced. You work with your team on a daily basis, so you need to be the ongoing source of your team’s inspiration.

Your Climb Higher
The Remarkable Leadeship program uniquely works in three steps:

  1. A meeting with you as the business leader.
    In this first step, Sam will teach you powerful techniques to help you engage your staff in new, exciting and proven ways.
  2. A session with your team.
    Sam will ignite your team’s motivation, stir their thoughts and spark their enthusiasm in a way that gets them thinking about new and exciting possibilities at work. In this session, Sam subtly prepares the team for their new leader – you.
  3. Bringing it all together.
    In the final step, Sam will co-present with you. This is where you will wow your team, and a long term, successful partnership will be forged.

Sam will continue to be available to help you stay on top of your role as your team’s motivator.

If you are not completely satisfied with your experience and results, Sam will provide a money back guarantee.

For all pricing details or enquiries, please contact us.