The Butterfly Effect

Today you paid an awesome compliment to a random shopkeeper who served you. She really needed it. She was depressed and suffering in silence – possibly even suicidal. Unbeknown to you, it was something you said in your compliment that really resonated with her. Your compliment inspired her to seek help or enroll in that course or call a family member or friend or apologise to their partner or give up drugs or a toxic relationship . Whatever it is, you helped her and all you did was pay a genuine compliment that made her feel good and valued as a human. You made her feel like she mattered. She went on to become a photographer or a dental nurse or a mother. She read more books, took better care of herself, started a business, employed people, had kids of her own and her effect on the world cascaded outward and touched many lives.

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Super Model vs. Role Model

Not everyone can be a supermodel but anyone can and should be a role model. It is so much more powerful! I’d really love to see a magazine cover one day where the title reads “Role Model of The Year” instead of the nonsense of who is “best dressed” or has “the hottest” this or that. I don’t watch TV or any form of media for that very reason. I don’t want to feed my mind that kind of junk food. And neither should you.

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You Matter

Noah’s Secret to Staying Young

There is a statistic that scares many businesses. And it is this: 67% of customers never return to do business with a company because of the attitude of just one person. This scares companies with a poor culture. The ones that have no idea what to expect from their team. It should not scare us at MSA because we have an awesome culture of care and empathy. To me this statistic is an opportunity! Because it also tells us that we individually have the power to make a big difference in a customer’s life. Yes, you matter!

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