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A Higher Branch Partners with Finance Brokers Association of Australia Limited |  10 April 2019

A Higher Branch have been selected by the FBAA to partner with Beyond Blue to hold workshops for preventative programs on mental and emotional health.

Paul Agnew
Paul Agnew

“A Higher Branch is a breath of fresh air. The message is powerful and the results have been nothing short of remarkable.”

Paul Agnew, Managing Partner, McKays Solicitors

George Zakher

“Sam is a charming and outstanding person, with a great ability to express complex ideas in a compelling manner. Sam is generous in his advice and provides it with humble authority. He is genuinely interested in others & strives to bring success to those who seek it.”

George Zakher, Friend and Business Associate for over 20 years

Peter James

“Sam is warmly spoken and inspiring. His message is simple, easy to understand and delivers instant and amazing results.”

Peter James, Managing Director, Resi

Melos Sulicich
Melos Sulicich

“Sam’s presentation at our sales conference was thought provoking and inspirational. It had a lasting impact on all delegates”

Melos Sulicich, CEO Rams at Westpac Bank

Michael Maiorano
Michael Maiorano

“Sam’s presentation was inspirational, informative and practical. He offered real life solutions to improving our work performance and our life in general. If anyone is serious about improving performance and staff wellbeing have Sam present at your next conference.”

Michael Maiorano – Head of Mobile Direct Channel NSW, Citibank

Michael Atchison

“Sam’s values, energy and evolving success are motivating. He is engaging, has a genuine interest in the personal and professional development of others and is generous with his knowledge.”

Michael Atchison, Sales Manager, Porsche Centre Sydney

Bakous Makari
Bakous Makari

“Chapter 8 of Sam’s book is compulsory reading for anyone serious about business excellence and wealth creation.”

Bakous Makari – Wealth Creation Expert