Team Excellence

Your Challenge
Have you ever walked out of a business seminar thinking, “That was inspiring!” then forgot about it a week later? Or have you organised a team-building activity, only to see productivity and morale remain stagnant, with no return on your investment? If you’re ready to stop going through the motions and start driving real results, you’ve come to the right place.

Sam Makhoul – Your Guide and Coach
A successful entrepreneur, CEO and corporate leader, Sam Makhoul is a firm believer that to transform and improve your business, you must start by transforming and improving your team. Not just their performance or productivity, but them as individuals and uncovering their hidden potential.

Your Climb to the Top
To begin the Team Excellence experience, Sam will meet with you for a private meeting to identify the objectives. Your team’s session will then be tailored precisely to what will have maximum impact and deliver immediate and lasting results. Or you can choose from a list of Sam’s latest topics of global interest.

Sam will then meet with your team for an engaging team session. Sam will provide them with real life examples and practical tips they will carry with them throughout their working and personal lives. This program is exclusive to Sam’s clients and adopts the philosophy and wisdom pioneered in his book, A Higher Branch.

After a Team Excellence Workshop with Sam, your team will be equipped to succeed in every facet of their lives. Not only will you see happier, more fulfilled individuals with clear dreams and goals; you’ll see team members who are passionate and productive.

A Team Excellence workshop with Sam Makhoul involves:

  • A private one-hour mentoring session to understand your needs
  • A specifically tailored team session for 10 to 1000 people
  • Sessions can range from one hour to one week, depending on your requirements
  • Sessions can take place at your venue or at a Higher Branch venue.

Sam is so confident he will transform your team, that if at the end of the program you are not completely satisfied, he will provide a money back guarantee.

For all pricing details or enquiries, please contact us.