Retired and Semi-Retired: It’s time for Reinvention

Your Challenge
For many, retirement can be a time of confusion, anxiety and a mountain of questions. What do you do with your time? How do you fill the void that’s left when you’re no longer defined by your work? Where do you channel your energy and passion? How do you regain your personal style? How do you rebuild relationships when you’ve been so busy building your career?

When retirement is expected to be the best time of your life, these sorts of questions and worries can make it feel like the worst. Sam believes that the word ‘retirement’ is not apt to describe this stage of your life. Sam believes that there is no such thing as retirement. He believes it should be called “Re-invention”. This is the period in life when you most need a mentor. A mentor can guide you and help you re-invent your life. Getting a mentor it is the single most important decision you can make at this stage in your life.

Sam Makhoul – Your Guide and Mentor
Enter Sam Makhoul. A firm believer that retirement is not a time to stop, but rather a time to start doing what you love, Sam will teach you a simple, powerful formula that will reinvigorate and reinvent who you are.

Sam has a curiosity that makes him see hidden potential. Sam will coach you through a specially designed program, which is simple, unique and empowering. The program will ensure you improve every aspect of your life, from your inspiration and wealth, to your family and friendships, to your energy and time. This program is exclusive to Sam’s clients and adopts the philosophy and wisdom pioneered in his book, A Higher Branch.

Your Climb Higher
In the 8-week transformational experience, Sam will meet with you for one and a half hours each week for eight weeks. Over that time, you will witness an incredible reinvention. Your energy will be unleashed and your passion reignited.

In the 8-week transformational experience with Sam, you will receive:

  • One and a half hours each week of private mentoring and coaching in all areas of your life.
  • Communication with Sam throughout the eight weeks.
  • Access to resources available to members of A Higher Branch, including articles (Life-Guides©), blogs, audio and video.
  • A personalised copy of Sam’s book, A Higher Branch.
  • The Higher Branch Journal.

At the conclusion of your 8-week transformation, Sam will also be available to work with you on a regular basis if you would like an ongoing personal mentor.

Sam is so confident he will help you reinvent yourself, if at the end of the program you are not completely satisfied, he will provide a money back guarantee.

For all pricing details or enquiries, please contact us