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How to Roll on Hard Days

The people I work with are my inspiration show up to work and do my best.

Every company has its hard and even downright awful days. And every leader has days that frustrate and discourage them. It can diminish confidence and self-faith. When faced with a challenging day, many people play the victim. They crumble, blame others and feel powerless.  Why is it that my colleagues inspire me? It is because they keep plowing ahead. They don’t give up. They don’t get discouraged. They fix the problem.  They learn from the problem and focus relentlessly on solutions.

I want to share with you 5 ideas that help me stay strong on even the most difficult of days.

  1.  It is nice to have problems. It means that we are in a business that is growing and facing challenges.  Reminds me of the quote, ‘the only people that don’t have problems are dead.’
  2. Problems create the opportunity for progress. And all progress is messy at first, until we find solutions. In other words, if you have problems in your department, this is your opportunity to display greatness! Anyone can perform when things are going well. Only the best of the best step up when things are not going well. They know this is the time for them to show courage and execute strategies flawlessly that will fix the problem.
  3. Stay Focused on the Big Picture. When things are not going well, I focus on the things I have to be grateful for. I say to myself: “You are healthy + You do work that matters + you have a great team who care + People who love you + a roof over your head, you’re a seriously fortunate person.” I guess what I’m suggesting is that gratitude gets rid of the fears and frustrations, and staying focused on the bigger picture is a beautiful leadership move because it makes you think, “What’s the worst that can happen?” That doesn’t mean you ignore the problem. It just means you approach it with a fearless frame of mind and a “Bring it on” attitude
  4. Stay Positive. A positive mindset is very powerful. On a hard day, it’s so easy to start wallowing in self-pity, focusing on what isn’t working and getting messed up with negative thinking. My tip: Stop watching the news. Block out any negative noise. Stay away from toxic people and stay busy doing your simple daily tasks really, really well.  “Fix your course on a star and you will navigate any storm” – Leonardo Da Vinci. When a hard day hits, you’ll take the knock and keep on going, stronger and with even more conviction than ever before.
  5. Look After Yourself. Your ability to deal with setbacks and challenges depends very much on your energy level and your mood. So on a bad day take greater care of yourself. Go for a run. Eat like an athlete. Write in your journal. Connect with nature. Read inspirational quotes from great people that inspire you. Get some rest. Breathe.

Lastly I want to remind you to continually celebrate success AND celebrate your own personal achievements every week. We often forget how much we achieve and sometimes this makes us feel like we are inadequate. So my advice is NOT only to keep a Gratitude Journal BUT also a “My Achievements Last Week” list. You will surprise yourself when you look back and see how much you have achieved and this will make you feel satisfied and happy.