"Operating at your optimal performance comes down to having better life systems not motivation."
"I have designed an operating system for success that will cause an outright revolution of transformation in your life."
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Energy is the new currency

The most precious asset we have is not time. It’s not even money. It’s ENERGY! Energy is the foundation of everything we do. We may wake up with great intentions to improve our performance in all areas (work, family etc…) BUT it all comes crashing down if our energy dips throughout the day.

High Energy!

Most of us know what to do when it comes to eating well, exercising and relaxing BUT sometimes these three pillars of good health are not enough and we still feel low on energy. Why? The answer lies in the fact that sometimes our bodies are burdened by other factors. I have compiled a list of the most effective energy-building lifestyle changes for 2012. The results will surprise you.

1. STAY AWAY FROM ELECTRO-MAGNETIC POLUTION. All the latest research shows that the two major environmental causes of cancer are pesticides and electro-magnetic pollution. People have cottoned on to organic foods but most still don’t know how to protect themselves against the lesser-known invisible ‘electro’ pollution. Here are some tips:

a. Make sure your WiFi is away from your sleeping areas or better still, turn it off at night.

b. Get rid of cordless phones in the house.

c. Make sure your electrical meter box is away from your bedrooms.

d. Turn off your wireless devices such as laptops, smart phones and iPads, when not in use. Put them in ‘airplane’ mode.

For more information check out this great

2. GET MORE SUNLIGHT – the sun is the reason for our existence. It sustains life and perpetuates energy. Avoid it at your peril. I have read a lot of research on the subject of skin cancer and I am convinced that the sun alone does not cause skin cancer. In fact a lot of research shows that sunlight and vitamin D helps prevent 4 out of 5 types of cancers. The real cause of skin cancer is poor nutrition, which then makes the skin cells more susceptible to sunburn. And there is no disputing that sunburn can indeed lead to skin cancer.

My tip therefore is to eat foods rich in anti-oxidants to strengthen your DNA. My other tip is to get enough sun everyday – 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on your pigmentation. The darker your skin the more sunlight you need to produce vitamin D. Conversely for lighter skin. The best time to get sun is in the first 3 hours of sunrise and the last two hours before sunset. Sunlight will lift your energy levels, your mood and improve the quality of your sleep.

3. AVOID SILENT INFLAMMATION. Research suggests that foods that have an inflammatory effect on our body is the major cause of low energy and ultimately, illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Here are a few tips to eliminate silent inflammation in your body.

a. Avoid fried food. We are consuming far too much Omega 6 oils. They clog our system and are the major cause of silent inflammation. If you do fry occasionally use canola or rice bran oil. They have a balanced ratio between Omega 6 and Omega 3’s

b. Take fish oil supplements to boost your Omega 3’s. I swear by this. It is the only supplement I take.

c. Eat as much greens as you can – especially lettuce, broccoli, celery, spinach, kale and parsley.

d. Limit the use of grains in your diet. They should be the smallest portions on your plate. The best grains to eat are brown rice, barley, quinoa, and oats. Alternatively get your carbs from sweet potato, pumpkin and parsnip.

e. Drink freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices as often as you can – especially ones with beetroot and celery.

4. DON’T EAT WITHIN TWO HOURS OF SLEEP. Two things can happen when you eat late. One: your digestion will kick in and keep you from falling asleep. OR Two: you will fall sleep with a stomach full of undigested food. In both cases it is toxic for your body and you WILL wake up lethargic.

5. DRINK WATER EARLY IN THE DAY. When you wake in the morning your body is dehydrated. So you must drink the most water in the first few hours of the day. It is best to drink at least 3 liters of water in summer and at least 2 liters in winter. Energy is released by your cells when they are well hydrated. (Try and drink water filtered by reverse-osmosis or drink bottled spring water – The dangers of fluoride in the water supply is well documented)

6. STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR, SALT, and FLOUR. Sugar spikes insulin levels. Flour slows down your metabolism. A deadly combination. Salt increases your blood pressure (which is the highest risk factor for heart disease – much higher than high cholesterol and even smoking). When you eliminate these three ‘white evils’ you will unclog your system and free-up your energy levels.

7. EAT LESS but EAT OFTEN. When we eat there comes a tipping point where we eat too much and the energy we derive from the food is cancelled out by the effort required to digest it. Therefore it is best to eat less. But to do that we must also eat often to maintain our energy on a plateau. It is best to eat every three to four hours.?Lance Armstrong once said in an interview. “When I get hungry it’s too late. When I get thirsty it’s too late. My energy has already dipped. It’s about avoiding peaks and troughs.”

8. EAT LIVE FOODS. What do I mean by that? An apple is a live food. Apple pie is a dead food. When we eat, our body has to sift through the dead part of the food to find the living part with the most enzymes. It’s simple arithmetic. The more live food we eat the more energy we will earn. The more processed or ‘dead’ it is, the more we will burn.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I have prepared the above tips in good faith and to get you thinking. Please do not rely on it solely. Everyone’s circumstances are different. So please get your own professional advice. If you would like more information on any of the above tips, please email me at