"Operating at your optimal performance comes down to having better life systems not motivation."
"I have designed an operating system for success that will cause an outright revolution of transformation in your life."
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You Matter

Noah’s Secret to Staying Young

There is a statistic that scares many businesses. And it is this: 67% of customers never return to do business with a company because of the attitude of just one person. This scares companies with a poor culture. The ones that have no idea what to expect from their team. It should not scare us at MSA because we have an awesome culture of care and empathy. To me this statistic is an opportunity! Because it also tells us that we individually have the power to make a big difference in a customer’s life. Yes, you matter!

Think you don’t? Do you think you are just too insignificant to make an impact? Remember that an amateur like Noah built a ship that saved humanity whereas a team of professionals built the Titanic that sank.

Maybe you think that because you do not have a law degree or you are not a team manager or a senior paralegal that you don’t matter. Think again. Here are seven things that matter that require Zero qualification:

Being on time.

Being organised.

Being nice.

Helping the person next to you.

Not complaining about anyone or anything.

Having enthusiasm and smiling a lot 🙂

Having a strong work ethic.

Always remember that working hard does not kill you, its stress that does. And stress all comes down to your attitude. If you watch the clock waiting to get home, time will go slow and you will get frustrated. But if you get lost in the present moment of each and every task you perform, you will go home feeling satisfied and happy. It’s that simple. (Scientists have now discovered that living in the moment switches off the aging gene and keeps you younger for longer). An example of being present is prepping docs by focusing intently. Another is listening attentively to someone without distraction, whether it is the borrower, your colleague, or your family when you get home. Which is why you should switch off pop up notifications on phones & Outlook.