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When Two Tribes Go To War

There has been one tribe that has dominated and crushed our health and happiness for over 60 years. It is a tribe that is motivated by profits before people. It thrives on deception and confusion. It sells speed and convenience.

That tribe is the fast food industry in all its guises.

It then joined forces with some other evil tribes: consumerism, debt and busyness. Then it went viral!

Big corporations used their financial power to dominate the airwaves of TV and radio with images of fun and frivolity to sell us anything that contained white flour, white sugar, salt, preservatives, colours, additives and food enhancers – Stuff with a long shelf life aimed at shortening ours. And we all bought into the deception. It seduced our thoughts and emotions. Ultimately, our bodies paid the price with the rise of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

But something is changing. Something is shifting. There is a roar in the distance as we look out over the digital landscape and see a tide of wellness warriors marching to the beat of one drum. Social media is in their hands. It gives them a voice so powerful that it is heard over the tops of many mountains and across many seas. How awesome it is – the rise and power of the individual.

Information is spreading. Farmers markets are growing. Organic produce is overflowing. Vegetable gardens are sprouting across backyards. And people in growing numbers are demanding respect for their health.

Yes, this wellness tribe is growing and it is up for a fight. A fight between natural and artificial. Between transparency and cover-up. And between the hope of a well future versus an ignorant past.

BUT this tribe is still not big enough to crush the might and power of the fast food tribe. The deception will continue for the ignorant and the too-busy-to-notice crowd. So every wellness warrior counts. Every voice counts.

So which tribe do you belong to? The wellness tribe or the fast food tribe? Or are you too busy to notice?

On the 24-25 Feb 2011, in Melbourne Australia, you have a chance to join the wellness tribe and meet face-to-face with some amazing wellness warriors and food philosophers. Who knows, you may become a warrior yourself.

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