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FAMILY: Are you a good parent? Here are 5 awesome tips.

No one can ever be successful in life or business if they do not have the support and love of their family. You may be a corporate leader or a business owner. And your sole focus is making money and providing for your family. I get it. I’ve been there.

But let me ask you this. Have you ever noticed how the best and most successful athletes in the world always have their family in the crowd watching? Why? It’s because family supports us. They help us overcome obstacles and setbacks. Family also reminds us that whether we succeed or fail we are loved unconditionally. And that makes us play harder and be fearless.

So how do you foster a good family life? Here are some tips I have learned along the way.

1. NEVER PUT WORK AHEAD OF YOUR FAMILY – especially your children.

2. GIVE FAMILY YOUR TIME – not just your money. Going shopping or watching TV does not count as quality time. Talking and really listening is how you develop a bond.


A lot of people in sales fall into this trap. They feel that they have to be at call 24 hours. They don’t want to miss a call. But customers do not expect that. They expect to deal with someone real.

A sincere voice mail fixes that. “If my phone is off, it means I am spending time with my family or serving another customer. But rest assured when I do get your message I will call you back and give you my upmost attention.”

4. TURN ELECTRONIC NOTIFICATIONS OFF. You know what I am talking about here: rings, vibrations telling you that you have email or SMS. The other dangerous thing about notifications is that it constantly trains our mind to focus on what else we should be doing next? Instead of what is happening now. It takes us out of the moment. We hear our family talking to us but we are not really listening. Turn them off and check emails and SMS when you want to.

5. BRAIN DUMP in your diary at the end of each day. Write your ‘to do’ for the next day. It gets things out of your mind so you can switch off and focus on your family.

Please share your tips. I’d love to hear them.