"Operating at your optimal performance comes down to having better life systems not motivation."
"I have designed an operating system for success that will cause an outright revolution of transformation in your life."
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Eat Clean – Think Clean – Dance On

Everyone is working hard and smart these days. But we are entering an era of competition where this is not enough. Whatever your product or service, people are buying you. So, never make your business about making money. You need to make it about helping others. Otherwise peoplewill read your inner world and say “No thanks.” The best and most successful people I know are the ones who have complete empathy for the customer. They recognize that to have empathy you need to be in a good head space and heart space. You need to be in top physical, mental and emotional condition. To achieve this you need to eat clean and think clean. Or dance.
Read on…

Eating Clean

1. Less coffee & fruit juice – more water & vege juices
2. Less oily fried food & more steamed or baked food
3. Less crackers, biscuits & cheese – more carrot, celery & fennel
4. Less potato, bread & pasta – more sweet potato, broccoli and pumpkin.
5. Less bacon and sausages – more fish.
6. Less chocolate – more berries.
7. Less nuts – more seeds.
8. Less salt, sugar & mayonnaise – more herbs, spices, lemon and olive oil.
9. Less processed – more raw
10. Less excuses and less “cheat days”.

Thinking Clean

Most people fail in any industry because they take rejection personally and start indulging in toxic self-talk, like “I am not good enough”, “people don’t like me”, “I should quit and get an easy secure job”.

Your thoughts affect your feelings and your feelings in turn affect your thoughts. This partnership between your head and your heart can either work for you or against you. It’s either a positive loop or a vicious circle.
If you feel angry, you will have angry thoughts. And when you have angry thoughts, you will feel angry. And the cycle repeats. Conversely if you feel good, you start thinking clearly. Goals and creative ideas start flowing and this in turn makes you feel good. This is the circle you need to dance in.

Here are three powers and one superpower to help you “think clean”.

1. The Power of Exercise. How you feel is much more powerful than your thoughts. Try thinking yourself out of being angry or anxious. Next to impossible, right? Your feelings release potent hormones that overpower your thoughts. So you need to change your feelings first. The simple and best way is to exercise! Exercise release the right ‘feel-good’ hormones.

2. The Power of Words. We watch what we say to others but think nothing of our own self-talk. Is it inspirational and uplifting or is it demoralising? Write down the qualities that you and others most love about you. Recite them on waking and just before sleep. And most importantly when you experience a rejection or failure. It takes you out of the toxic thinking zone.

3. The Power of Meditation. Meditation de-clutters the brain and gives you clarity in a world full of distractions. It is a daily detox for the mind. I could ask you to cancel your social media accounts, disable notifications and stop listening to the news but you probable would not do that. So you need meditation to quite the mind. Meditation is a life-long skill that takes practice. So don’t quit because you get impatient or find it irritating to sit there. The benefit is not in achieving total control. The magic is in noticing when your mind strays and you return to the breath.

4. The Superpower of Visualisation. Your creative imagination is a gift to help you materialize the life of your dreams not your worst nightmares. The most successful people on the planet use this gift to visualise very clearly what goals they want to kick. If you are in sales imagine how you want the presentation to go before you meet with your next customer. Prime yourself for the experience before you enter the room. Close your eyes if you can. All it takes is a few minutes or even just a flash of an image that makes you feel like “I’ve got this!” In quantum physics you attract what you visualise. It really is that simple. Please don’t waste this superpower.

Dance On

When all else fails, you can always dance-on. I am not joking. Dancing is one of the most potent antidotes to any negative human condition. It provides an ample flow of mood-enhancing chemicals that is unmatched by any other activity or drug. When was the last time you went dancing?