"Operating at your optimal performance comes down to having better life systems not motivation."
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If you want your woman to climb the table to kiss you on Valentine’s Day, read on.


Most guys I know (myself included) are very courageous in sport and in business – but when it comes to intimacy they are so terrified of being rejected that they are sometimes reluctant to initiate sex. What most men don’t realise is that intimacy is not an ON/OFF button you can press whenever you want to get some. It is a culmination of your actions over days, weeks and months.

My philosophy is to talk less and show more. Talk is cheap. In fact the deepest moments of intimacy occur when you’re not talking.

1. Do like Andre Agassi – he has a black board in the kitchen where he writes a DAILY note to Stefi Graf telling her what he loves about her. It can be the simplest thing like “I love the way you eat a mango” or “I love the way you cover your mouth when you smile”. If you do not live with your partner, a simple text message on waking every morning is awesome. She will read it throughout the day.

2. Send Her A Gift Unexpectedly – Sometimes the “just because” gifts we give mean as much or more than those given on special occasions.

3. Arrange An Entire Evening Together – Create the atmosphere that you know that she loves, and make it like a complete date; the great meal, the right music, and a romantic comedy or film she loves. And finish off with a bath or shower together.

4. If She Works In An Office Setting: Send Her A Bouquet Of Flowers For Her desk That Will Last A Week – Include a card, letting her know you wanted her to have something lovely to look at that week at work.

5. Buy Her Something To Her Taste At A Lingerie Store – They have the most helpful people there who will help you put together a gift package that will be appreciated, romantic, and hopefully, used!

6. Check Into a Hotel – Take her to a nice hotel in town and enjoy room service, shopping, indoor swimming, or whatever she wants to do. Instead of booking her into the spa for a treatment, give her a full-body massage yourself. It’s not that difficult if you take your time and use the right oil.

7. Tell Her You Want To Shop With Her For A Special Present -Take her to her favourite stores, or ask her what she really wants or needs. Hold her hand throughout the experience. Shop with her patiently, and when she buys something, tell her that she deserves it.

8. Write Her A Love Letter – Be soft and generous in your praise of her. Use the kinds of words you used when you first got together

9. Ask Her To Plan A Weekend For The Two Of You – tell her you will go anywhere, do anything, and basically, cater to her and with her, for 48 hours.

My last tip is to work just as hard on your love life as you do on your work life.