"Operating at your optimal performance comes down to having better life systems not motivation."
"I have designed an operating system for success that will cause an outright revolution of transformation in your life."
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7 Tips that will change your life in 7 days – Tip no.2

Work harder

Yes you read it correctly. Work harder not just smarter. So many of us are obsessed with making a quick buck. It has become an international obsession. There are so many books written about it. But I believe that the Western World is suffering a global financial crisis because we want to create something out of nothing and we want something for nothing. We borrow and borrow and consume and consume and think that somehow it will all pay for itself without having to work hard. This negative mindset is having dire consequences not only for the economy but also on our health and happiness. So much so that work stress has become one of the leading causes of anxiety and depression. So obviously working smarter is not working for us. What is the answer? I put it to you that we must work harder to get healthier. This may sound odd but hear me out.

The most energetic, enthusiastic, and happiest people I know work really hard. They are always beaming with a smile. They have a healthy appetite for food and life yet they are chilled and comfortable to be with. Why is that? Well we spend many hours at work, so it goes without saying that if we approach work with a positive mindset, it will have a big impact on our happiness.

So how do you change your mindset? Before I answer that question, allow me to first clarify what I mean by ‘working harder’. It does NOT mean working long hours. It does NOT mean having blind ambition. It does NOT mean chasing the almighty dollar. Changing your mindset simply entails you making a decision to love what you do.

So how do you choose to love your job? Work harder. Here’s how:

  1. Become really good at your job. Know it inside and out. Keep learning. The way human psychology works, we start liking what we are good at. Immerse yourself in your daily tasks whatever they may be. Laying bricks, reading a contract, writing a song, listening to a patient etc… Give yourself to that moment. Don’t watch the clock.
  2. Serve people from the heart. Make a connection with how your work directly or indirectly makes a difference in people’s lives. My hairdresser is a perfect example of that. I notice that he gets great pleasure when he holds up that mirror to a customer. Their happiness is his happiness.

I have a saying in my business. I tell my staff, ‘Treat customers like you would your own mum and dad.’ I believe that is the only standard you ever need in your working life. It will get you to work harder and that will get you to love what you do.

The biggest mistake ever made in business

I meet many talented and passionate entrepreneurs that often make one big mistake when it comes to creating wealth – they invest in other people’s dreams instead of their own.

Allow me to clarify. Small businesses usually evolve as follows: A smart person thinks of a big idea. They execute it with passion and hard work.  They grow the business and attract more customers. They make money. Grow some more. Attract more customers. Make more money. So far so good.

There comes a point however where most business owners start to get tired and start thinking ‘there must be an easier way to make money. There must be a way to make money which does not require so much of my time and effort.’

Invest in your own field of dreams
An entrepreneur in born

This is when they usually make the biggest mistake. Instead of investing back into their business by purchasing newer technologies and hiring more staff who can take the business to the next level, they look to external investments: Usually the stock market and/or real estate. They think that such investments are an easy way to accumulate wealth. Consequently they take their eye off their business. They spend a lot of time looking for real estate, watching the stock market, meeting with experts etc.. They become immersed in these external investments. They devote a lot of time and energy learning about them. Meanwhile their businesses are dipping in performance. They start to lose customers and lose some key staff. ‘But that’s ok’ they say, ‘I will make more money on the stock market. Who needs the headache of running a day-to-day business.’

Wake-up Call

The GFC hits and they lose a lot of money on the stock market. Their real estate investments drop in value. Their superannuation does the same.

The big mistake they made is this: They invested in other people’s dreams instead of their own. When you invest in a company on the stock market you are literally handing over control of your money to someone else. You are investing in their dreams and not yours. And worse still, you have no control over the affairs of that company. Some people call that a ‘smart’ passive investment, but I call it a ‘dumb’ investment. It’s like claiming victory (or suffering defeat) for a game where you weren’t even on the playing field. Where’s the fun in that?

So when you think about investing in other people’s dreams on the stock market, ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I acting out of fear of failure? (You see I believe that some of us invest in other peoples dreams because we fear failing in our own. We want someone to blame if we do lose money.)

2. Do I really love my business? Do I believe in the mission? (You see I believe that if you really love what you do, then you would never want to invest in other people’s dreams)

The answers to these two questions will hopefully will lead  you to this conclusion: The best investment you can make is in yourself and in your own business. That is the best form of wealth creation. Sure, it does require you to work hard but the return you get is much more than money. You get to wake up every morning and lead a life of purpose. You get to experience the joy of adding value to your customers lives. You get to inspire the people you work with. You get to control your own destiny. And you get the opportunity to grow your business on your own terms.