"Operating at your optimal performance comes down to having better life systems not motivation."
"I have designed an operating system for success that will cause an outright revolution of transformation in your life."
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I was recently asked to comment on the importance of business coaching and why so many business owners are reluctant to get and pay for coaching. This is a snapshot of what I said.

Hello, I'm Mister Ed

Business has to view coaching/mentoring as another staff member. They must put a value on that resource like they would any other employee.

The problem you will find is that most business owners do not view non-fee earning activities as valuable. It’s sad but true that most business owners do not value what coaches provide. Why? Because they cannot measure it. And also because it takes a long time to translate into increased income and profits.

Most business owners think short-term. Consequently they drift along in the realms of mediocrity. For me they are no different to people who never stop to ask for directions, or builders who commence construction on a project without detailed specifications. They make costly mistakes. Implement the wrong strategies. Lose time and miss opportunities. Worst of all they get lost in the detail of business and lose the enthusiasm and the passion they once had for their craft.

A lot of business owners I come across make the mistake of thinking that having a coach is like admitting defeat. Or worse they think they know more about their business than a coach. They miss the point that a coach is not there to tell them what they don’t already know. Rather a coach is there to take their business and their personal life to the next level. The level where champions compete.

You see, business is no different to sport. The best entrepreneurs and sports people work with coaches. They recognise that to compete with the best you have to be coached to peak performance. A good coach can help you achieve this.

Here are a list of benefits of working with a coach:

  1. You lift your energy and enthusiasm.
  2. You It takes the pressure off staying touch with latest concepts.
  3. You stay focused on the big picture.
  4. You improve your personal life.
  5. Your staff will start love and respect you even more than before.
  6. Your customers will notice the difference.
  7. Your family will notice the difference.

I believe that having a business coach is essential – especially in our digital age where information and strategy is evolving so rapidly.

The question is not whether your business can afford a coach. The real question is, can you afford NOT to have a coach.

Happy Easter festivities to all. A time for family and eating lots of good food!


The answer is no. In fact curiosity is a great teacher and a great asset to have. In business it is essential. Sure, we must temper curiosity with responsibility but we should not cripple our curiosity with fear of failure.

As children we are fearless. As we grow older fear gets in the way of our curiosity. We are taught that curiosity may get us into trouble. What a loss that is. In business and in life, nothing further can be from the truth.

Many great entrepreneurs and innovators (think Einstein) have a child-like curiosity for the world around them. They see opportunities. They poke, they prod, they make that phone call, they attend that seminar, and they connect with other like-minded people. Curiosity leads them to innovation. They try new things and question the status quo. They may fail at times but the beautiful thing about curiosity is that you even learn from such failures.

I was curious enough to recently attend a seminar by Dale Beaumont. I learned so much and met so many people, that it will change the course of my business forever. Curiosity led me to that.

So ask yourself this. Are you letting curiosity weave its magic into your life and business or are you living in the realms of fear, disguised as responsibility?