"Operating at your optimal performance comes down to having better life systems not motivation."
"I have designed an operating system for success that will cause an outright revolution of transformation in your life."
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Our source of energy comes not from what we eat. Food is just fuel. Our bodies still need a spark to turn that fuel into physical energy.

I have met people who eat well, exercise, relax and still suffer from chronic fatigue. What they don’t realise and what most health practitioners will not admit, is that our true source of energy comes from our hearts and minds.

People who do not fill their life with activities that give them passion and purpose are rudderless. They drift along aimlessly. Consequently they lack that spark in their life.

Here are seven steps to unleashing your energy. I go through these steps daily and journal how they apply to each area of my life: Health and Fitness, Love, Family, Work and Business, Friendship, Learning, Wealth Creation and Charity.

Step 1:             Focus on your goals & dreams to ignite your passion. This is the initial spark that primes your body’s physical energy.

Step 2:             Take daily action with courage and your energy will rise to the surface and manifest itself.

Step 3:             Be motivated by love in everything you do to ensure that you do not waste energy on negative emotions.

Step 4:             Accept the winds of change that life blows your way. Don’t waste energy resisting its lessons and opportunities

Step 5:             Be grateful for what you have. Don’t waste energy focusing on what you do not have.

Step 6:             Give of your time and wealth to others in need and your energy will multiply.

Step 7:             Be fearless and adventurous in life and you will perpetuate the energy you get from discovering new goals and dreams.

These steps adopt a pattern of thinking I call the Circle of Positive Thinking (COPT). I have been living by COPT all my adult life. I am happy to share the specifics with you, if you email me direct at

It is the most powerful way I know to creating health, happiness and prosperity.

Regards, Sam.