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Does Crime Pay? 5 Tips for Wall St

Criminal enterprise is the fastest growing sector worldwide. Why? Government regulation, taxes and red-tape is driving entrepreneurism underground. There is a perception that mainstream business is corrupt anyway, as is evidenced by the activities of Wall Street. So why bother doing it the hard way?

Got me thinking…is there anything we can learn from criminal enterprise?

At the outset I must point out that I am not condoning criminal conduct or criminal activities. I am making an observation. Here are 5 observations (or tips), which we in mainstream business can learn from the underground.

  1. You have to earn respect. Titles mean nothing.
  2. No-one gets paid until a job is finished and results achieved (Wall Street take note).
  3. Develop networks of people you can trust and who are loyal.
  4. Your word is your honour and a handshake is binding.
  5. Business is always personal – if it’s not then there is no emotional connection to the mission and no accountability to customers.