Am I? Do I?

Life’s Answers are in the Questions we ask ourself. Here are some you can ask for this weekend.

Am I being a loving and thoughtful partner?

Ask me a question I don't know the answer to.

Do I spend enough time with my partner talking and being intimate?

Do we greet each other with a long kiss and a big hug every day?

Do I affectionately touch my partner and make him/her feel that they are loved and respected?

Do I surprise my partner with little gifts and love notes?

Do I take the time to really listen to my partner’s goals and dreams in life?

Am I really present when I get home or is my mind still in work mode?

Am I listening and giving my children my full attention when they talk?

Do I read to them or tell them a story every night before they go to sleep?

Do I call and see my mother and father often?

Do I take my children to see their grandparents regularly?

Do I involve my family in my other activities?

Do I take my children to work with me sometimes to show them what I do?

Do I introduce my family to my work colleagues and friends?

Do I support my family in their pursuits and passions?

Do I give them confidence and belief in themselves by telling them that their contribution to life is valued?

Am I fun to be around at home?

Do I make my children giggle and laugh?

I will post some questions I ask myself on Monday mornings when I am preparing to learn, work, create, innovate and connect.

p.s. As a lawyer I was taught to never ask a question I did not know the answer to 😉