Sam the boy from Lebanon

Sam was born and raised in Beirut in the 1960’s. He loved his grandmother and considered her a second mother. Her name was Rose (in Arabic, grandmother translates to ‘Teyta’).

Teyta Rose taught Sam how to milk cows and goats. Best of all she taught him how to cook. Sam loved to watch her cook for hours on end, and would often be found peeking over her shoulders while she stirred the pot over a fire that burned on the floor of her humble little cottage. She would often get him to fetch thyme and other herbs and vegetables from her garden.

Sam was known as a boy who liked to climb trees, especially the mulberry tree at the front of his Teyta’s house. He has a scar on his leg from when he slipped on a stump whilst climbing to a higher branch.
Due to the Civil War, Sam migrated to Australia with his parents and brother in 1973, knowing only Arabic, French and basic English.