Spread the Obsession

When friends and clients ask me what is the single most important thing they can do to become successful in their business, I respond with “Get Obsessive about it!” Most of them then accuse me of contradicting myself: “But you bang-on about living a balanced and complete life. How can I be obsessive about my business without neglecting other areas of my life – like my partner, my family, my health…?”

Before I reveal my response to this question I want to point out one very important fact. Anyone that I have ever come across in business (or in sport or the arts for that matter) is successful because they are obsessive about it. I have never met anyone extraordinary who is not passionately obsessive about his or her ‘thing’.


The truth is that if you want to be one of the best at anything you must be obsessive with your focus. It must be something that is on your mind daily and you must want it with all your heart – that’s what makes it an obsession.

Obsession is not a bad thing. Obsession is a great tool that the human brain is equipped with. This evolutionary trait is there for a reason. It makes us immerse ourselves into a passion and helps find a solution to problems that prop up.

The danger with obsession comes when you only obsess about one area of your life to the exclusion of the others. The way to avoid this is to “Spread the Obsession”. Be obsessive about all eight areas of your life: HEALTH – LOVE – FAMILY – WORK – LEARNING – FRIENDSHIP – WEALH and CHARITY. Focus with all your heart and mind on these areas.

When it comes to HEALTH be obsessive about the food you eat – be uncompromising. Exercise daily and relax often. When it comes to LOVE be an attentive partner and always be thinking about how to surprise them with acts of affection and fun. When it comes to FAMILY be caring and supportive to your mother, father, brother or sister. Be as thoughtful with them as you are with your friends – and listen without distraction. When it comes to WORK, only stay in a job that you really really love and always serve people from the heart. When it comes to FRIENDSHIP go out of your way to connect with friends. Turn off the TV and go visiting or engage with them on Facebook. Focus on how you can make your friends laugh because I believe that friendship should equal fun. When it comes to LEARNING prepare your own annual curriculum for what you want to learn about. When it comes to WEALTH focus on investing in yourself and in your dreams first before you invest in stocks or real estate. And when it comes to CHARITY learn to give of yourself and your time to others.

The truth is that I am obsessive. But I am obsessive about every area of my life. So if you are by nature obsessive, you should start seeing that as a positive trait and start spreading the obsession. It reminds me of the motivational mantra of “work hard – play hard” – which is not so stupid after all if you broaden your definition of “play”.

When Two Tribes Go To War

There has been one tribe that has dominated and crushed our health and happiness for over 60 years. It is a tribe that is motivated by profits before people. It thrives on deception and confusion. It sells speed and convenience.

That tribe is the fast food industry in all its guises.

It then joined forces with some other evil tribes: consumerism, debt and busyness. Then it went viral!

Big corporations used their financial power to dominate the airwaves of TV and radio with images of fun and frivolity to sell us anything that contained white flour, white sugar, salt, preservatives, colours, additives and food enhancers – Stuff with a long shelf life aimed at shortening ours. And we all bought into the deception. It seduced our thoughts and emotions. Ultimately, our bodies paid the price with the rise of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

But something is changing. Something is shifting. There is a roar in the distance as we look out over the digital landscape and see a tide of wellness warriors marching to the beat of one drum. Social media is in their hands. It gives them a voice so powerful that it is heard over the tops of many mountains and across many seas. How awesome it is – the rise and power of the individual.

Information is spreading. Farmers markets are growing. Organic produce is overflowing. Vegetable gardens are sprouting across backyards. And people in growing numbers are demanding respect for their health.

Yes, this wellness tribe is growing and it is up for a fight. A fight between natural and artificial. Between transparency and cover-up. And between the hope of a well future versus an ignorant past.

BUT this tribe is still not big enough to crush the might and power of the fast food tribe. The deception will continue for the ignorant and the too-busy-to-notice crowd. So every wellness warrior counts. Every voice counts.

So which tribe do you belong to? The wellness tribe or the fast food tribe? Or are you too busy to notice?

On the 24-25 Feb 2011, in Melbourne Australia, you have a chance to join the wellness tribe and meet face-to-face with some amazing wellness warriors and food philosophers. Who knows, you may become a warrior yourself.

Join the tribe now: www.worldwellnessproject.com

ARTICLE & VIDEO: The Benefits of Journaling

When was the last time you wrote in a journal? Not in a, “Dear Diary, my peanut butter sandwich was brilliant today,” way like we did as children, but in a way that really exposes where you are now, and where you want to go? While you may push journaling aside as just another task to add to your day, the benefits can be outstanding. In fact, journaling is one of the few tasks that will add real value to your life every day, if you really are committed to living an outstanding life.

Need proof? Just stop for a moment to think about the thousands of pieces of information you receive each and every day. Work deadlines, client requests, mortgage repayments, bills, nutritional information, news headlines – you get my drift. It’s a never-ending pool of information that clouds your thinking and distracts you from what is important. With all that information taking up your headspace, how can you possibly expect your mind to prioritise and determine the most appropriate use of your time? Or more importantly, how to get where you want to go?

If you want to sift through all that information to get to the bottom of what really matters, you need a guide. You need a tool that will help you focus on the individual steps that will enable you to realise your dreams.

What’s that tool? You guessed it: a journal.

Why write in a journal?

• Good journal writing takes two angles: looking forward and reflecting back. Looking forward at “actions” will show you what critical tasks to focus on, to help you achieve your dreams. “Reflections,” on the other hand, will allow you to review events that have passed, to see how you feel in your heart about what happened in your day. This is where you can deal with any challenges you may have had. Reflecting allows you to deal with these challenges by viewing them as lessons.

• Just as food provides us with the energy we need to physically achieve, so too does journaling. It feeds our heart and mind, keeps us focused on the things that matter and keeps us away from negative emotions.

• You don’t need me to tell you that life today is busier than ever. If you don’t take the time to identify your daily achievements (by writing them in your journal), you can become so overwhelmed with what needs to be done, that you neglect to consider all that you had achieved.

• When you reflect on the day passed, journaling allows you to see exactly where you’ve been spending your time. It allows you to make a stock take of your life and identify the areas you may be neglecting, like your family, friendships or health.

• Journaling is also an amazing tool if you want to improve your health and advance your career. Research has identified that it decreases symptoms of asthma, arthritis and many other health conditions; improves cognitive functioning; strengthens the immune system and counteracts the effects of stress. How’s that for a multivitamin?

So if you’re feeling bogged down, overwhelmed, or simply unfocused – try your hand at a journal. It will provide you with the direction and focus you need to make your life exactly what you want it to be.

For a magical look at journaling I refer you to Chapter 12 on my book A Higher Branch where the wise old man teaches young Tom the fine art of journaling. I also invite you to purchase the Higher Branch Journal in the store section of website. It may prove to be the single best thing you have ever done in life. It is for me.

Until next time, may you Live from the heart and grow from the mind.