Sam the Foodie

Nutrition has been a lifelong study for Sam. He believes in growing your own vegetables and notes that cooking a meal should be a pleasure shared by all members of the family. Sam is a big fan of Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein and most of all, his mother, whom he thinks is the best and fastest cook in the world.

Sam the Author

With a love of writing since childhood, Sam delights in the meaning and enjoyment the written word can bring to people’s lives. Sam commenced his writing career in 1983. He has written everything from poetry to banking and finance law articles. A Higher Branch is his first published book. Sam plans on publishing another eight books on each Tree of Life. Sam has also commenced writing a novel titled “A Bodyguard in Beirut”.

Sam the Speaker

Sam has conducted training seminars for many Australian and international financial institutions. In 2000, Sam had his first taste of large-scale audiences, presenting to over 1000 attendees at Property Expo. The buzz of the audience got Sam hooked on public speaking, and it has been his passion ever since. Whether he is speaking to 10 people or 1000 people, Sam brings intensity to the message that stirs his listeners. His talks are dynamic, challenging, eloquent and entertaining.

Sam an Entrepreneur

Sam is dedicated to building entrepreneurs and helping businesses to achieve success, and would love to share his knowledge with you. A passionate entrepreneur starting at a very early age, his successful business portfolio has spanned from hair salons, multi million dollar property developments, law firms focused in banking & finance, European furniture distribution, and restaurants. Sam has learned that you cannot achieve success and remain successful without an enthusiastic involvement of your team. It is this experience that makes Sam an effective & powerful success coach to work with. He coaches from experience.

Sam the Lawyer

Sam achieved partnership status early in his legal career, which led to opening his own law firm. His most recent venture focused on the banking and finance industry, and it recently engaged in a strategic alliance with one of the world’s largest wholesale banks.